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Sunday, May 15


Why Do Bush Nominees Hate America?

Jeanne at Body & Soul picks up the story that exposes, better than any rant of mine, the morally bankrupt, activist 'judges' Bush is trying to impose on America. The truth speaks for itself.

In brief, a case was taken against Ford for supplying a defective pickup in which a child was injured, leading to his becoming a paraplegic, dependent on a ventilator. The child was awarded $30 million. Ford appealed on a point of law and the case came before Bush nominee Priscilla Owen:

Two years after the lawyers representing Willie Searcy and the lawyers representing Ford had requested an expedited hearing, Owen wrote the majority opinion. A process that could have been completed within months of the oral argument in November 1996 dragged on until Owen completed her opinion in March 1998.

Her opinion was stunning. Not because it ruled against Willie Searcy and his mother, Susan Miles, but because of how it ruled against them. Owens ruled the case would have to be retried in Dallas because it was initially filed in the wrong venue. Yet venue was not among the issues, or "points of error," the court said it would consider two years earlier when it took up the case. "We felt like we got ambushed," said Ayres. A lawyer who had worked at the court at the time agreed: "If venue wasn't in the points of error, it is unusual that the court addressed it. If the justices decide they want the court to address something not in the points of error, they would ask for additional briefing. They send letters to the parties and ask for briefing." There had been no letters and no requests.

It would be another three years before the Dallas Court of Appeals handed down a ruling giving Willie Searcy's family money to care for him. But it was too late. Four days after the ruling, his ventilator stopped working during the night. When his mother went into his room at 5 a.m., he was dead.

He was 21 years old.

Res ipsa loquitor.



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