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Thursday, January 13


They Don't Like It Up 'Em...

Remember the US Presidential campaign, when all those citizens were turned away from Bush rallies?. Or when the mother of the dead soldier who was arrested for daring to speak out?

Or the woman attacked and kicked by a rethug operative at the Republican Convention, while being restrained by 3 SS guards? On camera? The video is here if you want to see it.

Or even the illegal arrest and restraint of 277 legitimate protestors, again during the Republican Convention?

Remember also what the Right said then?

Freepers on the soldier's mother's arrest:

"Since this is coming from a network news source, I have to ask:

How do we know this woman ever had a son?
And if she did, how do we know he was in the military?
And if he was, how do we know that he was killed?
And if he was, how do we know that he was killed in Iraq?

Sounds like an activist stunt to me."

Oh, the humanity of Freepi, it does your heart good doesn't it? Now the boot is on the other foot, and they don't like it at all. From Newsmax:

"Christians Charged with 'Ethnic Intimidation' at Gay 'Outfest'

A group of gospel-preaching protesters faces up to 47-years in jail after being charged with criminal conspiracy, ethnic intimidation, and riot for demonstrating at Philadelphia's gay "Outfest" celebration in October - even though they had obtained the proper permits and reportedly did nothing against the law.

"I have not seen an abuse of power like this in this country ever," complained American Family Association attorney Brian Fahling on Monday. "We had a district attorney who received disorderly conduct charges -- and there was no basis for that -- who then escalated the matter by adding three felonies," he told the Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor."

Oh the poor loves. what a bunch of lightweights. You don't know protest until you've been teargassed, videoed from all directions, and ridden down by mounted riot police armed with batons and shields (all of which I have at various times. And we had permits.) Friends of mine have been at Genoa, Nice and other protests and it's been much worse: one still suffers hearing loss from being batoned with great force by Italian riot police - and before anyone accuses him of being a leftwing loony, here was there in his capacity as a union officer, with the union's blessing, and paid for by his union, the biggest public service union in Britain (1.3 million members)as were many others of many nationalities from many other unions.

And what about what happened at the Genoa convergence centre, when sleeping journalists and activists were attacked by squads of armed carabinieri in the middle of the night for no reason, other than that they were dissenters. It's well documented.

Shut the fuck up, jeebus-freaks, you have no idea what abuse of power means. This is abuse of power.

It's not your livelihood being confiscated and ruined under the Patriot Act, not your children being excluded from school for exercising free speech, or you losing your job for daring to voice a contrary opinion to your boss. And you're not dead yet, your head deliberately broken like a smashed pumpkin by masked police in a Land Rover, like Carlo Giuliani was.

I should be beyond being surprised by the hypocrisy of the Right by now, but just when you think you've reached bottom, the lower they go.


Tuesday, January 11


Say What?

The trial of Charles Graner for torture at Abu Ghraib, as reported in todays Guardian:

The lawyer defending him at the court martial in Texas, Guy Womack said: "Don't cheerleaders all over America make pyramids every day?" He added: "It's not torture."

Look! Cheerleaders!

Hang on, isn't this illegal under the Geneva Convention?


Monday, January 10



The four remaining Britons held at Guantánamo Bay are to be released within the "next few weeks", foreign secretary Jack Straw announced today.
The imminent release of Moazzam Begg, Feroz Abbasi, Martin Mubanga and Richard Belmar comes after months of what Mr Straw told the House of Commons had been "intense and complex" discussions with the American government over US security concerns.

Those discussions included a direct plea from Tony Blair to George Bush, as well as repeated assertions by a British delegation, which included the attorney-general, Lord Goldsmith, that a proposed military tribunal which Mr Begg and Mr Abbasi were listed to face did not meet international standards of justice.

Mr Straw said that once the four had returned from the US naval base in Cuba, UK police would decide whether to arrest and question them under the Terrorism Act 2000. "Any subsequent action will be a matter for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service," he said.

Oh right. Blair can beg Bush on his hands and knees for this ( how many blowjobs did it take?), but the Belmarsh prisoners are still there, despite a House of Lords decision saying their detention is unlawful. Every day the Blair government sinks to new levels of hypocrisy.

What kind of state are these men going to be in when they are released? Moazzam Begg particularly, whose father, Azmat Begg, has campaigned tirelessly for his son as only a parent can, is thought to be severely mentally and physically traumatised, not that the others aren't.

Moazzam Begg with his children before Guantanamo

Those poor men: arrested for nothing, imprisoned and tortured for nothing and now released to... nothing. They will have shattered lives, shattered health, will have lost their jobs - they will never ever really recovwer from what those US bastards did and are still doing to other innocents. I know that what goes around comes around, I just wish it would come around NOW, and that I could watch while it does.



Calling Trinny and Susannah to the White Courtesy Phone..

A post at Rising Hegemon on the Chimperor's measly $10,000 dollar contribution to the tsunami fund, contrasted with the cost of the inauguration, nudged me into checking into the price of the inaugural wardrobes of Laura Bush and the 'first" twins.

Here's a description of Laura's inaugural dresses, from the Washington Post:

"Carolina Herrera has designed a formal gown expected to be worn during the week's festivities, although not to the inaugural balls. Herrera created the graceful burgundy velvet and organza gown " ( see below) "that Bush wore to Buckingham Palace in 2003. Oscar de la Renta, whose clothes Bush wears regularly, has been tapped as well. Although the White House would not confirm it Thursday, he almost certainly has created the official inaugural gown as well as the swearing-in suit. De la Renta, one might recall, designed Hillary Clinton's second inaugural ball gown, which was a cascade of gold lace.And then there is designer Peggy Jennings, who has created a formal evening gown for Bush to wear to the candlelight dinners planned for Jan. 19, the evening before the inauguration. She has also designed a day dress and matching coat that will be worn during the week. (Notably absent from the list of designers is the Dallas-based Michael Faircloth, who created Bush's 2001 inaugural gown, a red sheath encrusted with Austrian crystals.)"

If you're paying Carolina Herrera 5000 bucks it could
at least fit...
It matches her eyes though. What was Laura on?

So I looked up the prices. Off the peg Carolina Herrera evening gowns cost $1500, and couture 4-5 times that. Oscar De La Renta couture evening gowns start at $6400. None of this includes accessories or internal scaffolding either: all in all I can't see Laura Bush's inaugural wardrobe totalling much less than 25,000 dollars. Gods, I hate that hypocritical, tranquillised bitch.

So, what will the twins be wearing?

"Barbara is set to wear a light pink leather jacket over a black-and-white wool houndstooth sheath dress with matching coat. Jenna will opt for something a tad trendier, stepping out in matching skirt andcoat of camel and ivory checks, with a mossy-green cashmere sweater featuring yellow and orange polka dots.Footwear for both is sexy, chic and like the designer clothing out of the price range of most teens.Mrs. Rose chose chic, all-the-rage Jimmy Choo pumps and slingbacksin snakeskin. One pair is a light camel-cashmere shade; the other is black."We kind of thought Jimmy Choo would be not so what-you-would-think," she says. "They are very classic with a twist."

Oh and btw, the suits for Not- and Jenna will cost around 1500 dollars each. Jimmy Choos cost around 500 dollars. Expect their evening dresses to be couture also, at around 5000 dollars each. So, just for the twins, (assuming they only have one evening dress each, which I doubt) that's roughly $14,000 total, $4,000 more than Daddy gave to those poor naked heathens. If they have a dress for each ball at $5000 a pop, that's $34,000 in total. Excluding additional evening shoes, bags, hairdressers and makeup artists (who can cost $4,500 a day plus $500 a day for an assistant) plus whatever they spend on booze and cocaine beforehand.

All that money spent and they still look like trailer trash. Couldn't Not-jenna afford a Wonderbra?

I do like that picture though, in a weird and sick sort of way. It shows just how the zygotes split on fertilisation: one half got all Laura genes, the other got all George. Jenna looks just like like her father in drag: she'd make a great pantomime dame. It's behind you.......


Sunday, January 9


Where in The World Is Dick Cheney?

Apropos of an aside at the Swami Uptown, it occurred to me we hadn't heard much of Cheney (hawk, spit)lately. Google gives the most recent article mentioning him or his actions, other than tangentially, as December 21 2004. There has been no statement on the tsunami, on Gonzales, on Iraq... nothing. So where is he? And will he turn up for the inauguration or will Bush look even stupider than he would with him there?

Bob Bob The Angry Flower thinks the Chenoid can't be killed.

Maybe he's had a heart attack. Maybe he's even dead. So I enquired of Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet? whether, in fact, he is dead. Not as of January 4 apparently. Damn, damn, damn. On the bright side, that's 5 days in which anything could've happened, anything at all. He could have been decapitated by in a horrible lear jet accident, eaten by a python, or mangled beyond recognition in one of the occasional thallium poisoning accidents. There are so many ways a tired, evil, corrupt old man could die. So sad that no matter how much money and power you steal, you cannot make yourself totally invulnerable.

Any recent sightings of Cheney will be very ungratefully and ungraciously recieved.



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