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"Blogging is, by its very nature, erratic and irregular, feverish effort punctuated by random silence, a conundrum wrapped in a contradiction wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an unclosed em tag. " - The Poor Man

Wednesday, November 2


“Sickness comes on horseback and departs on foot.”

I woke up coughing, achy and full of snot and I don't feel at all well. Bird flu, what bird flu?

And the first blog post I read this morning was re Lewis Libby's writing about the sexual torture of a small child by a bear. What a vivid imagination that man has! And what a way to start the day...

This is a year old, but 'tis apparently the season for bestiality and respiratory illnesses, and it seems appropriate.

I suppose that means the flu alert level is high...

(The post title is an old Dutch proverb, and thanks to Risng Hegemon commenter Max Power for the pic))


Tuesday, November 1


Ceph Blogging No.19

There seems to have been an explosion in ceph-related needlecraft:


This is the Surly Squid hat from Deviant Goods. I'd be surly too, knitted in that vile colour.

How many knitted squid hats is that now? I may have to start a separate squidknitting blog.



Random Tuesday Lifeform Blogging

This is the trouble with blogging, you start and you can't stop. This is posted despite the fact I loathe spiders and arachnids of all stripes, just because it's beautiful. I'm not sure I like the look on that big spider's face though. Dammit, it's staring at me.


Picture Credit, The Robot Vegetable at Middle-fork



Occasional Ceph Blogging (sorta) No. 18

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't yet blogged the FSM, so for the truly devout and pious amongst you, here's a devotional image of His Pastaness in his true noodly incarnation.

"For a growing band of devoted followers, the FSM – as His Noodliness is informally known – is the Supreme Being, Creator of the Universe and of all living things. Rather than a fatherly figure seated on a golden throne, the Monster looks like a heap of pasta and meatballs topped with eyeballs on stalks. The tenets of the Church include the usual standard notions of Heaven and Hell, of course, the reward system that has worked so well in other religions to keep the faithful appropriately in line. Immortality, as well as sin and redemption, fanaticism and self-sacrifice, are also in place so that the new church will be acceptable to those raised on Islamic or Christian agendas.

There may now be millions of converts to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the discovery of 25-year-old Bobby Henderson, a currently unemployed physics graduate from the state of Oregon. According to Bobby, the FSM revealed himself in a dream, though not in a burning bush or out in a desert, as we might have expected. It is suspected that indigestion might have played a role in this epiphany, but that possibility is still only under investigation."

For those without eyes to see the Holy Truth, here is the more usual representation of Him passing his ineffable knowledge to the tentacly-challenged ones:

Worship our alien overlords, may their wonders never cease: and to aid you in your devotions, there's this:




Occasional Ceph Blogging Nos 15, 16 & 17

Awwww, a cat in a squid hat!

An origami squid, created by Peter Engel.

Design available in his book 'Origami from Angelfish to Zen', Dover Publications, New York. 1994 edition. (Previously published as Folding the Universe. Vantage Books, New York. (c) 1987-1989.)

And I so need this on DVD. Why are we stuck with Nickelodeon and the like in NL, and no Adult Swim?

Squidbillies, the Georgia hillbilly squid....

Aqua Teen Hunger Force looks like fun too.




I haven't blogged since June, for a number of reasons - a] that we were offline for 6 weeks during the house move, b] that my son spent the summer at home, c] That I was just too damned depressed . (Oh, and we have new kittens, which is enough to distract anyone. Awwww).

In the meantime I have been guest-blogging at Martin Wisse's blog, Progressive Gold.

I am feeling a little better now, the house is gradually settling into some semblance of order, and no 2 son is back at uni, so I fully intend to get this show back on the metaphorical road. It will be kidney blogging, as there are new developments on dialysyis/surgery front.

So home to the UK for the boy's graduation on the 10th, back on the 14th, normal service will then resume.

I have lots of ceph posts saved up.



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