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Monday, December 13


Grit Your Teeth And Smile, It's The Holidays...

I'm feeling somewhat under the weather today, it appears I have yet another kidney infection; that, and the difficulty of physically separating Martin from the keynoard at weeekends accounts for the lack of posting the last couple of days. Not only that, but the news has been dull.

Never mind, we did manage to put some Christmas decorations up, so at least I shall be ill in festive surroundings. I'm hoping that the fairy lights cast a warm healthy glow over my currently pasty cod-fish complexion. I can't be being ill now of all times, just before Christmas; No. 2 son will be home from university in the UK next week and No 2's best friend is arriving just before New Year, so that they can go to the European Drum & Basss awards in Den Haag. The supplementary reason for the visit(other than love for his darling Mother) is so that they can join in with the annual Amsterdam New Year's explosives festival. I realise comparisons with Baghdad would be a bit sick given the circumstances, so I'll compare Amsterdam's love of New Year's fireworks more to a mini-Beirut. I'll be glad to be out of it, it's too nosiy for me - we'll probably be in Middelburg eating oliebollen, but as my son put it, you're only 20 and in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve once, so he's going to make the most of it. Lets hope it lives up to expectations.



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