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Friday, December 17



The Fellowship's track record shows that it "quietly effects political change," according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, and acts with the blessing of many in power.

In 2002, when the Times story ran, its board of directors included the wife of a US senator, a former US Air Force assistant secretary, an Education Department official and the former director of Asian affairs for the National Security Council.

The Fellowship Foundation is known to actively recruit political leaders worldwide to, "through Christ," find a better day in regards to their work for a leadership guided by God at home, in the local community, the nation, the world and at all levels of the community.

Its headquarters mansion in Virgina, called "Cedars," has served as a private hideaway of sorts, perched atop the highest point along the Potomac River with reportedly spectacular views of Washington beyond its pool and tennis courts.

The group is low-profile to the point of being secretive. Its leader, Douglas Coe, once said in a rare interview that "Jesus said you don't do your alms in public." He has said that the group's mission is to create a "family of friends" by spreading the words of Jesus to those in power, according to the Times.

Coe reportedly believes that people of every religion, including Muslims, Jews and Hindus, are swayed by Jesus. If he can change leaders' hearts, he said, then the benefits will flow naturally to the oppressed and the underprivileged.

Its archives reveal an organization that has enjoyed extraordinary access and significant influence on US foreign affairs for the last 50 years. The Times reported that it has been a behind-the-scenes player in the Middle East peace talks, for example, and helped finance an anti-communism film endorsed by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

It seems like tinfoil-hattery of the worst kind, but the story is unfortunately true. And not only is the Family tentacling all over Congress, the Norwegian Prime Minister is also involved.



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