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Thursday, December 16


Thursday Food Blogging

Today it is raining, in that particularly grim, grey Northern European way that has driven so many to utter wintry suicidality. Time to stay indoors, put the heating on, close the curtains and blog. Unfortunately we also have to eat.

Having just looked at the empty tundra-like waste that is our fridge, I'm forced to the conclusion that I either make something out of nothing, go to the shops on my bike and get drenched, or we go for takeout. As I still have a temperature and a dull headache (though not half as bad as earlier this week) going out in the rain does not appeal. Neither does eating takeout, which in this neighbourhood is either kebabs, Dutchified, ie bland, Thai food with mystery meat, or undentifiable body parts from the chipshop like pig noses, breadcrumbed and deepfried, met sla.

So, it looks I'll be doing my parlour trick of making something out of nothing, or as close as an enthusiastic cook would consider to nothing. I have brought up 2 children to adulthood on one income so I'm pretty damned good at making something out of nothing. We may not have much in the way of meat or veg, but we do have eggs, some nice belegen (ripe) Gouda cheese, sour cream, onions and salad, and plenty of pasta, flour and butter. So tonight we will be having an old Devon favourite, Homity pie.

Met sla.



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