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Saturday, January 22


Meanwhile, From Our Dictatorship Correspondent...

I took the past few days off blogging and watching or listening to radio & tv news: I just couldn't stand to listen to that hypocritical lying, corrupt, venal bunch of thieves showing just how much better they can do dictatorship than any of those damned Ceausescus or Mobutus...the photos say all that need to be said about the new American fascism and the demolishment of the First Amendment and the US Constitution.

I did, however, (inadvertently, because it was so short; it was almost over before I realised) hear the inaugural address, which was basically a big "Fuck You World! I rule! Yes, me, Chimperor of the World! USA No.1!" to the rest of us.

Bush supporters appear to agree, according to the Washington Post.
"They need a new law for these protesters: 'You cross the line, you do the time,' " said Kenneth E. Boring, 80, still apparently irritated by the experience as he waited to leave Reagan National Airport.

He and his wife Dottie, 59, of Dalton, Ga., are members of Republican Eagles, the elite GOP fundraising group, but they watched the president's speech from the Willard InterContinental Hotel. The security line was too long, they said, and made longer, in their opinion, by the protesters.

"It's time to put a stop to all this nonsense, protesting and causing confusion," Boring said.'
Well, fuck you too Mr. President, and all your supporters, in as many undignified and painful ways as possible. 3 cops to arrest 1 teenage girl? And just look at the sheeple, just sitting there docile while they assault her. Pepper-spraying children who dare to protest? Since you seem to think freedom & democracy are such amazingly good things, try starting them at home first.

I'll let Jeremy Hardy on this week's BBC Radio 4 News Quiz have the last word on the armed camp that Washington DC has become:
" All those snipers placed on the rooftops, and not one of them could get off a clear shot..."

(Pics courtesy of the NY Times and Banana Bush)



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