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Tuesday, January 18


News in Briefs

Not really, though news in briefs could be interesting, depending on whose briefs and the contents.

First, an interesting piece in todays Independent by Peter Stanford, former Catholic Herald editor( who should know) on Opus Dei, the secretive Roman Catholic society, and

Armando at Daily Kos reports that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told him "it is her intention to hold Condoleeza Rice to account for her performance as National Security Advisor -- from the failed performance in the fight against terrorist threats by the Bush Administration prior to 9/11 to the Bush Administration's failing Iraq policy and the harm done by that Debacle to the fight against al Qaida and the terrorist threat to the Nation", and

this fantastic headline from the Boston Herald: "Democrats prepare to pepper Rice at grilling" and...

Here comes World War III, right on time.

No Country Can Attack Us, Iran Says
Jan 18, 2005 — TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran has the military might to deter attacks against it, its defense minister said in remarks published on Tuesday, one day after President Bush said he would not rule out military action against Iran. Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said the Islamic Republic, which has seen U.S. forces topple regimes in neighboring Afghanistan and Iraq in the last three years, did not fear attack.

"We are able to say that we have strength such that no country can attack us because they do not have precise information about our military capabilities due to our ability to implement flexible strategies," the semi-official Mehr news agency quoted Shamkhani as saying.
"We can claim that we have rapidly produced equipment that has resulted in the greatest deterrent," he said, without elaborating.



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