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Thursday, January 27


US Army Recruiter Rebuffed By Kids

This is from last week's news but still cheering to the spirit:

Thu Jan 20, 5:24 PM ET

Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due, right, a U.S. Army recruiter, is surrounded by protesters at Seattle Central Community College, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005, in Seattle. After about a 10-minute standoff during which protesters tore up U.S Army literature, the protesters were successful in getting Due and another recruiter to leave their table under escort by campus security officers. Several hundred students walked out of classes at several Seattle colleges and universities to protest the inauguration of President Bush (news - web sites). (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

However, judging from the responses to this picture on a certain rethug discussion I don't care to dignify with a mention, maybe it's best not to get too hopeful:

To: RepublicanMensan; Chieftain
That is disgusting! So much for their phony liberal "We love and support the troops, its the war we hate." I want my federal taxes refunded that went to this university! Those "students" should be arrested for threatening behavior and a HATE crime.
Free speech? Just for commies.
3 posted on 01/20/2005 7:34:48 PM PST by Recovering Ex-hippie (Let's begin the Barbara Boxer trial for treason!) [ Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies ]

To: RepublicanMensan
He should come back with a platoon of troops, armed, locked, and loaded!
4 posted on 01/20/2005 7:34:51 PM PST by DTogo (U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N out of the U.S.) [ Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies ]

I am sick and tired of the police walking on eggs with the hatefilled fascist protesters. They should all be maced and loaded into the paddy wagon to cool their heels for a good long time. The police's tolerance of this kind of action only goes to show their approval to the anarchists. Thus these episodes happen more often and get uglier. The police forget they are to serve the innocent - not the guilty!
33 posted on 01/20/2005 7:57:23 PM PST by Paperdoll [ Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies ]



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