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Tuesday, February 22


'Cause SUV's Are Just Soooo Last Week...

This is the Bad Boy Truck. The name says it all:

It's made by a company called Homeland Defense Vehicles; this is their sales pitch:

"The Bad Boy Truck is ready for the streets, and it’s so cool that we’ve created a new vehicle category for it, the HMT, which stands for Heavy Muscle Truck.

SUVs are yesterday, and the Bad Boy is the biggest, longest, meanest, heaviest, street-legal military conversion vehicle on the road today.

If you want ride that is tough enough to take what you dish out, the Bad Boy is ready. If you want to impress your clients and friends, take along a Bad Boy.
Be warned though, we don’t make these for just anyone.

The Bad Boy is a luxury conversion of a tactical vehicle built for the U.S. Army by Stewart & Stevenson. The diesel-powered Bad Boy is 21 feet long, 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide, and has room for three adult passengers in the front seat. The all-wheel drive vehicle can run 72 mph, and it can carry a 5,000-pound payload. It offers 22-inch ground clearance, and it can ford water 30 to 60 inches deep. It can also climb grades as steep as 60 percent. The truck comes equipped with a Central Tire Inflation System that has settings for off road, mud and snow. The tire system can also keep the tire inflated even if it has a hole the size of a quarter in the sidewall. The truck comes with a 58-gallon tank and can carry passengers 400+ miles, depending upon the payload.

For adventure seekers who want the ultimate in security and protection as they travel abroad, the Bad Boy HMT can be equipped with a cabin filtration system to protect occupants against nuclear radiation, biological contaminants and chemical agents. "
Are You Bad Enough?"

Good lord. Why?

I note that not one of the info pages gives figures for miles per gallon; but then why would it? Anyone who's in the market for one of these obviously doesn't give damn about the environment, except their own immediate environment. I can just see the chimperor and his wormtongue Karl Rove, up in their trucks riding over all the poor people as they choke to death on nuclear radiation, biological contaminants and chemical agents unleashed upon the US when they attack Iran in June... probably going 'HA HA!" a la Nelson Muntz.

Perfect for within the Beltway - I wonder which of 'em, George or Karl, will have Jeff Gannon riding shotgun. It is a 'Bad Boy' truck after all, and should appeal to all those chickenhawk military fetishists in the Republican party.

Guess where it's made? Right first time. Texas.



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