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Thursday, February 24


Hypocritical Boot -Faced Bitch

Laura Bush was inteviewed by Rosie O 'Donnell ( ah - so it's OK to be gay now, just as long as you're in the media and can be useful, but it's not Ok for a divorced woman to stay at the WH) on MSNBC during the tour of Germany. This is what she said when asked about potential changes at the WH:

" I think we'll do more entertaining. We already have at the White House.What happened on Sept. 11, and of course the war, really made us mindful of not having a lot of lavish entertaining at the White House. What you didn't see is that my husband hosted more working dinners with heads of state than ever before. Well over a hundred heads of state."

[My emphasis]

She also said she was looking forward to appointing a new chef.

Remember the inauguration? Didn't look much like they were mindful of not having a lot of lavish entertaining then did it?

"The biggest ticket was on Wednesday at the Texas State Society's Black Tie & Boots Ball.Preparations started the day before the event to prepare 21,000 enchiladas, 20,000 quesadillas, 25,000 pastries, and 3,000 lbs (1,360kg) of beef barbeque. "

Looks damned pretty lavish to me. Hypocritical bitch.

Oh, and the chef? Laura Bush sacked Walter Scheib III, the White House's French-trained chef. He had worked at the White House for 11 years. Scheib said he got fired because he failed to meet "the first lady's stylistic requirements." There are reports that Scheib balked at White House orders to create an inaugural menu that used brand names representing food companies of top Bush campaign donors. He had to whip up entrees using ingredients such as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Coca-Cola and Pilgrims Pride butter-basted turkeys. That other boot-faced bitch, Camilla, should be glad she won't be asked to stay.



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