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Thursday, June 16


The Joy of Kidneys

As people who know me will already know, I have been ill for some time with chronic and now end-stage kidney failure, resulting from complications after a bout with cancer some years ago.

We ( Martin and I) knew this was likely before and when I came here to Amsterdam, so this is not shock news - commiserations are not necesssary. In light of the fact that I'll be starting renal dialysis soon, ( at the Vrij Universiteit Academic Medical Centre , which I'm glad to say is one of the best teaching hospitals in Europe, so I'm in good hands so far) and that we have just just bought a new flat in Amsterdam and will be moving house very shortly, posting is likely to be sporadic for a while. My younger son is here for the summer too from uni, so I'll be spending as much time with him as I can.

I 'm debating whether or not to blog the whole kidney-failure /hospital dialysis experience, particularly as I'm in a foreign country and not at home in the UK, but I'm concerned it may bore people. My illness may be an endless fascination to me but not others. There's also the hardware issue: if I decide to blog it I'm hoping to get a laptop, either second-hand or borrowed, so I can blog whilst at the hospital. All donations welcome - moving house costs lots :)

I'm hardly the first person to go through this... but, on the other hand, if mine is a new perspective and gives info about the experience that someone else who's facing it can't get anywhere else, then maybe it's a good idea? What would help me deal with it all and make a decision to blog it publicly is some feedback from anyone reading : tell me what you think.

Kidney blogging or not?



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